Betting in saudi arabia


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In this article, you will lead by reading useful information about betting in Saudi Arabia. Follow the article to receive basics about how you can connect to betting websites thru one of the most conservative Middle Eastern Arabian Kingdom. 

No amazement, likewise the other Islamic conservative countries in Saudi Arabia strictly runs the Kingdom in the region any form of gambling is prohibited. Therefore based on existing conditions, online gambling by using a virtual private network (VPN) also secure anonymous payment method gambler could securely bet on their own chosen sports via global gambling website.

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1. Saudi Arabian prohibiting gambling reasons

2. Necessity of VPN also secure payment method

3. The most chosen sport by Saudi Arabian players

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s short history

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established in 1932 of four apart regions soon united as one kingdom. The new kingdom Law, based on Islamic Sharia also one of the strict monarchs that exist in the world. The Islamic monarchy runs a country with a population of around 33 million people. In the Quran, where Sharia laws have been taken from, gambling is unpleasant or Haram. Haram means illegal, for each and any Haram act there is a punishment, for this case is imprisonment. Gambling is called the act of the devil and roughly is not favored by most people in the country in terms of Islamic governing and educations, also anti-gambling laws.

According to anti-gambling laws, there is no stated-licensed casino to reach out and play into. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gambling is prohibited; in any form. Nevertheless, camel racing and horse racing are held by following novel forms of ancient sport yet betting on outcome are prohibited. Further numerous of the population in Saudi Arabia are extremist Muslims that shows the majority do not break governmental laws, in other words, when getting to such an issue they are prohibited to agree.

Punishment of violating gambling law in Saudi Arabia

specifically, gamblers are not targeted or arrest by the police while they have not been obvious yet, although police always looking for unlicensed, underground, illegal operations. The punishment is six-month imprisoned and in different files, for example, the owner of gambling operations inside Saudi Arabia might face to most serious punishment.

According to the punishment, betting in any form is illegal. Although we could not find even one case Saudi Arabian citizen, who be target by the police until gamble securely.

How to gamble securely in Saudi Arabia?

Firstly you must avoid gambling in public with your device, then you should be careful to never gamble in an internet café. It is very unwise to gamble via insecure servers.

Secondly, you should not talk about gambling acts to another person, Saudi Arabian citizens might report you to the intelligence service or police.

Thirdly you should always turn off your windows screen and never let anybody access your screen as long as you gamble.

For more security advice, should follow the rest of the article.

Need VPN to access gambling websites

Is not a huge amazement Kingdom of Saudi Arabia blocked all gambling websites, approximately Saudi Arabian users have zero chance to access betting online. Blocking gambling websites is a common act in not just Saudi Arabia but it happens in other totalitarian countries like Iran, China, North Korea. Rather, Saudi Arabia does its best effort to block all websites that violates Islamic teaching. The Saudi Arabian Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announced 5.5 million “undesirable websites” have been filtered since 2008 in the whole country.

Saudi Arabia’s systematic filtering is lead off by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

Thus, Saudi Arabian players must connect betting websites via virtual private networks (VPN). VPN will protect you from being detected your IP server address, then as the last step be sure you are prepared to Know Your Customer (KYC) request as while as you request from the sports bet website as a Saudi Arabian citizen.

Secure payment method

In general, it is wiser to avoid pay deposits with a debit or Saudi Arabian local bank’s credit cards. Indeed in terms of transparency, banking activities will be documented by the authorities. For this reason, any attempt to pay the deposit will be reported.

Instead of pay by your identity, it is preferable to choose an anonymous payment method.

By anonymous payment, your information will be protected from sharing.

Although CASHU, NETELLER, PAYPAL or SKRILL those are online payment portable yet but not an option for gambler since they block transaction with the gambling website.

Favorable payment method

Bitcoin is a favorable payment method among Saudi Arabian gamblers at the same time Bitcoin can be used as a withdrawal option. However, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) labeled Bitcoin as an illegal payment.

Bitcoin does not even reassure zero anonymity, some websites might report transactions to the banks. If your bank identified your transaction, you would be prepared to respond to the justice system.

But on this website, we attempt to assist you via offer you a secure website.

The most chosen sports by Saudi Arabian players

the most played sports among Saudi Arabian players are the mix between traditional and modern sports. Saudi Arabians are prohibited from betting on traditional sports like Camel racing inside the country but they can bet on football, etc.


The Green Falcons are the most famous sportsmen in-country as well the Green Rectangle is the most popular sport. The national football team has won three Asian Cups in 1984, 1988, 1996. The best betting websites are offering odds on the Saudi professional league.

Horse racing  

IN 2020 The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia (JCSA) announced a $20 million competition prize that sucked maximum attention from the world’s best trainers and jockeys. In the world’s most luxurious competitions Saudi Arabia succeeds, opening ceremony held with the highest level of security. The American horse finished the race successfully but due to the coach offenses, the prize was halved.

Camel racing

History of sport backs to pre-Islamic era. The ancient Camel racing was held in the desert. Nowadays Camel racing is held on track also attracts thousands of audiences.

The world’s most luxurious Camel racing competition was held in the city of Taif with the prize of 50 million Saudi Riyals. Competitions held under the name of Crown prince. Unfortunately no odds to bet on sports via Saudi Arabian websites.

Formula 1

In December 2021, Jaddah the second biggest city in the country will be the host of Formula 1 races. Formerly Bahrain held Middle East’s first Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2004 and Saudi Arabian Formula 1 racing enthusiasts passed the King Fahd’s causeway to attend the Grand Prix. Although the first racing in Saudi Arabia will be held as a street race, the Formula 1 Race track is under construction. Likewise, since 2018-19 opportunity of betting on Formula E is exist.

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